Peace of Mind Indoors
Trust that your well-being and health are durably protected when inside buildings

Going indoors to a shared space may never feel the same again. Opening a door, pushing an elevator button, or touching a table may raise concerns that a surface can transmit infections.

Science-Proven Microbial Control® uses science and data to make a building’s indoor spaces cleaner and safer for building occupants, managers, and cleaners – done cost-effectively.

Visible proof and data-verified protection helps everyone feel more confident they are safeguarded in between cleanings and disinfections.

Scientifically Proven and Data Verified

While pathogens naturally mutate and pandemics have always arisen, science too has evolved to combat these natural risks, with data as proof of its efficacy.

touch safe surface protection data verified

Science-Proven Microbial Control is committed to the ongoing fight against infections spread from touching surfaces inside buildings. There may never be a “one-and-done” solution, but scientific rigor and practical application will intelligently adapt life to the next new normal.

Jeff Hatfield, Vice President, Medical Properties The Graham Group, Inc.

Data Verified Efficacy

“I feel 50 times stronger that we are better prepared than our competition who aren’t using the program…it’s needed and necessary and scientifically proven. Most of the competition use the words but don’t back it up with the science and data like Heritage [a MicrobX licensee] does.”

Jeff Hatfield, Vice President, Medical Properties
The Graham Group, Inc.

Building Confidence with a Purpose

science-proven microbial control 2022 seal

A decade ago, the antimicrobial touchpoint program that became MicrobX was created to bring healthy and sustainable cleaning to all stakeholders, from building managers to occupants to cleaners.

Our mission is and has been to provide cleaner, safer indoor spaces and help everyone feel more confident their health is protected when inside buildings.


Healthier Cleaning Contracts

The MicrobX Antimicrobial Touchpoint Program, from Science Proven Microbial Control, is tested and data-verified. Today, the program is available for licensing in protected territories.

Website Disclaimer:

Although the application of an EPA – registered (“List-N”) disinfectant to kill viruses (including COVID-19) is the first step of the MicrobX program, no antimicrobial surface protectant (including that used in the MicrobX program) has yet been registered by the EPA as effective in preventing the transmission of viruses, including Coronavirus (COVID-19), or the transmission of infections.

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