Looking at Modern-Day Challenges as Smart Investment Opportunities

Traditional cleaning and disinfection services can’t stand up to the challenges facing business-owners today. A focus on persistent protection and WELL building best practices is now a requirement, not a luxury.

Science-Proven Microbial Control® reduces the guesswork behind repetitious touchpoint cleaning and disinfection and reduces time and costs associated to maintaining a productive work environment.

Standard disinfection only works until the treatment dries. Science-Proven Microbial Control® goes beyond the application with persistent protection, inhibiting bacteria and fungi from returning to treated touchpoints.

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The Science-Proven Microbial Control® (SPMC™) program is proven, data-verifiable, and gives your customers persistent protection with every application. The SPMC™ program is available with exclusive territories as a licensee partner.


Quick Sales & High-Profit Revenue

Building owners and managers already have a heightened awareness and pent-up demand for a cost-effective protection solution. SPMC™ is that tested and proven program. As a licensee, you will benefit in many ways, such as:




  • Provide customers with a safer and healthier workplace
  • Protecting families starts with a clean, healthy work environment
  • Raise cleaners’ wages, attract new hires, & retain current staff
  • Help customers’ LEED certification with EPA & Green Seal registered products
  • Contribute to environmental commitments
  • Provide customers and their employees with environmentally safe products & WELL best practices
  • Know you are making a difference
  • Raise your profits & revenue fast
  • Grow sales into new markets
  • Replace lost revenue from employee time off
  • Keep customers for a lifetime
  • Help customers stay in business & become more productive
  • Provide cross-selling opportunities for new business revenue

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