We’ve all done it. We wake up with the sniffles, maybe a cough, and think, “No big deal, I just can’t miss work. They need me!” But in reality, those that come to work sick – from sniffles to something worse – are causing the spread of bacteria that, in turn, affect their co-workers, customers, their productivity and profitability .

It’s called “Presenteeism” in contrast to absenteeism and it’s a disturbing trend in today’s workplace.

Presenteeism, the condition threatening the health and wellness of workplaces all across the nation, is hitting epidemic levels. According to reports from Robert Half®, SHRM®, and others, up to 90% of working Americans still report to work when sick.

“Unhealthy workers are unproductive workers — and they’re expensive,” stated Scott Wallace, a distinguished fellow at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University. And the cost of poor health, he said, can be three to 10 times the total cost of all employee benefits.

What does Science-Proven Microbial Control® (SPMC™) do to help their clients mitigate the impact of Presenteeism on their bottom line? SPMC™ provides a multi-level strategy to battle the spread of bacteria and fungus in the workplace.

We start where standard cleaning services leave off. With SPMC™, our base, best practice for custodial and janitorial clients, receiving cleaning and disinfecting services that exceed industry standards and opens the door to certified green cleaning, healthier employees, and more productive workspaces.

From there, clients have the option to dive deeper with truly measurable results. With SPMC™ we scientifically test touch-points and surfaces to gauge ATP levels. This provides the necessary reporting and creates directives for maintenance and future treatment. Giving our clients the security of measurable cleanliness.

Ultimately, clients have the option to take advantage of the industry’s most effective cleaning, disinfection and protection service, SPMC™. On top of measurable cleanliness, the SPMC™ team adds our process to establish and maintain the highest level of cleaning and disinfecting protocol possible, adding a microbial-level bacteria and fungus fighting protectant on the most important surfaces and touch points in the workspace.

According to a recent white paper issued by UL Workplace Health & Safety, the total annual cost of lost U.S. productivity attributable to health-related conditions exceeds $225 billion, with the cost of presenteeism estimated at more than $150 billion. That’s a number SPMC® looks to bring down through proven, healthy cleaning practices.

Recent years have seen some of the worst cold and flu seasons on modern record. And these threats could absolutely disable productivity, what more do you need to get your office as clean and healthy possible?